Sant Marçal parties, the starting point of an exciting project

Sant Marçal parties mark the beginning of the activities of the Foundation Tocino Pons, recently formed. Between 23 and 26 June, the Foundation will have an information stand where old toys and pictures will be exhibited and leaflets will be distributed to publicize the activities developed. But this will not be the only event scheduled for the summer of 2016.

Tocino Pons Foundation will also be present the last weekend in August Pont d’Inca parties. There is intended to organize a competition among children and teenagers, who will have to create a typical majorcan siurell with a bar of white clay, paint it and then they will receive a gift for their participation in this cultural activity.

A photo contest and a fashion and design competition are some of the activities that are to be developed soon. The goal: help, educate and culturize majorcan children.

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Party poster
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